Smarter Technology

Unique architecture

Simplicity’s patented platform architecture guarantees performance, robustness, ease of use, super simple no coding required administration and low integration cost to a variety of other platforms

One fully integrated application

Simplicity is designed and built as a single application from the ground up, providing a seamless integrated single solution to all Loyalty requirements including vouchers, coupons, emails and push notifications. We have grown through development rather than acquisition, ensuring that you are dealing with one system rather than multiple applications.

This means that you can use all or only a small part of the capabilities we offer. As your needs evolve, you can scale up and increase your functionality within minutes – enabling a smooth and risk free transition.

Constant innovation

Simplicity is constantly enhancing existing functionality and developing new features into the core product. Through innovation and feedback from our valued clients we continue to develop rapidly and anticipate the needs of our current and future clients.

A system that is configured rather than programmed

Different industry sectors and different approaches to data management require a flexible and configurable application. With Simplicity you can configure the system based on a number of industry and functional templates including Automotive, Retail, Event Management, Financial Services, FMCG, Loyalty Management, Not For Profit, Pharmaceutical and Subscriptions/Memberships.  All without coding reducing time and removing risk.

Loyalty and CRM expertise

Simplicity architects and chief developers have vast experience in Loyalty and CRM and over many years understand the needs of our varied clients.

We invest significantly in people and the product to ensure we constantly deliver innovative new features and anticipate the needs of our customers

Rapid development and responding to new requirements is a fundamental core of our business success.  Staff churn at Simplicity is almost non existent thereby retaining knowledge and providing this knowledge back to our clients.

Easy to use, Intuitive functionality

Users all have different needs, capabilities and skills. We have designed our technology so that it is simple and easy to use by all.

Templates and wizards are provided for campaign set-up, so that even those with no knowledge of html can run campaigns. These templates can also be used if you wish to ensure that brand and data integrity are managed and maintained centrally.

To ensure that only the data required is presented, screens and menu bars are configured depending on your industry or brand.  Any to ensure everyone is safe only sanctioned opt-in data is available to users to execute campaigns with.